NOMI Woodcraft

Stefan Schalles Rohde: Master Cabinetmaker

  • 1983 – 85: Cabinetmaker apprenticeship in Frankfurt/M, Germany
  • 1986: worked as a cabinetmaker and carpenter in New Zealand
  • since 1987: workshop in Hessen
  • 2002: moved to Freiburg/Germany
  • 2003: Master Cabinetmaker examination at Friedrich-Weinbrenner-School
  • Serving: regional Rieselfeld, Freiburg and surrounds, including Elsaß/France, Hessen and Switzerland

Wood is living and unique. After 30 years designing and manufacturing one-off custom made furniture I am still fascinated by this material. The nature of wood is variable with it’s varied growth patterns.  Do you want something unique that suits your furniture needs?

We have the skill and experience to make sure you get exactly what you want.