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16 ft. sailing outrigger canoe KOLEA 7,7 m²

The sailing version of KOLEA with 7,7 m² sail area is designed for fast sailing and cruising. She tacks against the wind, she is a “tacking proa”. With her 7,7 m² sail, the trampoline and the wing to counterbalance the stronger windforces she is even more suited for sailing. It is still possible to paddle this version of KOLEA, but because of the lower weight the smaller 5,5 m² version is more convenient to paddle. She is decked in and selfbailing with 2 storage containers.

specifications 16 ft. sailing outrigger canoe KOLEA 7,7 m²

length hull 16 ft , 5,00 m
width 3,65 m
width folded 2,45 m
weight hull 38 kg
length of outrigger float 4,65 m
float Sperrholz, 100 Liter Volumen
sail area 7,7 m² crab claw sail
weight overall 98 kg
special features foldable wing and trampoline, leeboard, outboard bracket optional